Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real – Early October Edition


Because when you have a new baby I’m pretty sure it’s obligatory to file the kid under “pretty” and…well…we always seem to have a new baby around here ;). Josie at three months, fat n’ happy:






Jenny’s development and personality has exploded lately. She’s (finally) making some progress in feeding therapy and her “Hey! I want to move!” light bulb turned on this week as well. She started rocking on all fours, and quickly added scooting backward on her belly and bottom, as well as an awkward army crawl that looks like a walrus flopping across a rocky beach. When you read parenting books or complete child development evaluations at the doctor’s office they always talk about milestones. Rolling tummy to back, rolling back to tummy, sitting, army crawling, proper crawling, pulling to a stand… Everyone misses an important stage right between immobility and mobility: stuck. We’re in the middle of it right now, that period when a baby can move, but has no control, no ability to reverse directions, and no common sense. Every other minute an irritated “Eh! Eh! EH! EH! EH!” comes from ankle height and I look down to find she’s helplessly wedged herself under the couch, under the coffee table, under a crib, under the rocking chair, up against the trash can, into a corner, against a chair leg. Yesterday she accidentally backed herself under the kitchen table, then panicked because she couldn’t see anyone past the table cloth. When not scooting into awkward places she’s trying to pull up, getting her feet twisted or sliding them too far forward, then toppling over with a clunk! of baby head on floor if I don’t dive in time. Still, a mobile baby is a happy baby and after countless hours of physical therapy we’re pretty thrilled she’s on the go.



The infant’s horrified face is understandable. It can get a little rowdy around here.


Good luck catching a non-blurry photo of these two! They’re always on the move, and the crisp fall weather has given us all a burst of energy.


Also Real: managing to catch one out of five looking at the camera is actually a pretty great success rate with this squad.


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8 thoughts on “Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real – Early October Edition

    • Yes, someday when we look back at their childhood photos and they want to know why everything’s a blur we’ll have to just tell them it’s evidence they were having fun. I know I should pull out the big good camera but someone is always in my arms or there’s always a toddler crisis. It’s catch it on the phone or don’t catch it at all these days.

    • She looks exactly like his baby pictures. Vastly unfair – one of us did all the gestating but the other gets all the genetic credit. Luckily I really like how he looks so I don’t mind an extra of him around 🙂

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