Weekly Meal Plan: October 7

Potato Onion and Gruyère Tarts – From Williams Sonoma’s fast vegetarian meals cookbook, currently checked out from the library. We’re not vegetarians, but we do like to make a significant portion of our meals vegetarian. It forces me to think outside my go-to “meat plus some side” pattern into more interesting meal varieties, is a bit healthier than eating too much meat, and saves some money.

Pork Tenderloin plus some combination of vegetables/bread/salad – See, I told you. Meat plus some side. I’m giving this basic approach for tenderloin a shot, and am cooking extra for leftovers.

Black Beans with Spicy Corn Cakes – Also from Williams Sonoma’s fast vegetarian meals cookbook. Instead of canned black beans I will use this slow cooker black beans recipe from Smitten Kitchen. It’s awesome. I make a big pot of beans with it once a month and we use the leftovers for a variety of meals like tacos, rice and bean bowls, and beans on garlic toast with sour cream.

Because it’s an ICU week I also kicked things off by cooking up a pound of sausage patties for easy breakfasts for the kids, roasting a bunch of cubed squash for easy veggies they like, and cooking up a pound of whole wheat pasta. During ICU weeks I shoot for very simple balanced meals with foods that don’t take a lot of supervision or encouragement. There’s just no spare energy when I’m running the ship solo. Later in the week when they’ve finished the squash  I’ll cook up half a dozen sweet potatoes as they also enjoy eating mashed sweet potatoes and I like that they’re a) nutritious, and b) low mess.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Meal Plan: October 7

  1. I just made a big old pot of black beans with a similar recipe today – I love being able to eat them all week long! Although nobody else in the family likes them as much as I do 😛

    • Yes – versatile, tasty, nutritious, and cheap! I’ve heard they freeze nicely (to pull out as a quick replacement when recipes call for a can of beans) but haven’t tried it yet. My kids are on the fence. Some days they love it, and some days they just get really hopeful because they think I’m giving them raisins, and are crushed and uninterested when they realize it’s just beans…

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