Looking Back: First Solo Outing to the Park

I found this post languishing in draft form from mid-August. I’m going to go ahead and post it for the various grandparents clamoring for kid pictures.

The Man went back to work this week. The transition was…intense. Our double stroller broke down, leaving me stranded at home with two immobile babies and no way to transport them. By his third day back at work I finally managed to get the whole stir-crazy crew out the door for some time at the park. What’s that look like? Preparation started at 5:30 in the morning and we finally made it at 9:00. All four children had stinky diapers at some point in the process, all of them bawled, and both twins wallowed in water at the playground and arrived back at the car soaked to the skin. Totally worth it.








2 thoughts on “Looking Back: First Solo Outing to the Park

    • I was pretty thrilled – they usually refuse naps outside the house! The big siblings were playing with the strollers pushing the babies round and round the play structure. Worked like magic. I was pretty thrilled because I expected to have to leave after half an hour to put the babies down for naps at home. You know the drill – three or four hours to get our the door, 30 minutes at an activity, two hours of recovery at home cleaning up the mess/changing everyone’s filthy clothes, etc. :). We got a nice 1.5 or 2 hours instead.

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