Birthday Hike



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The Man and the twins all share a September birthday. We spread celebrations out over several days – a zoo trip one day, a special dinner the next day, and a grown ups’ hike while a babysitter watched the kids on another day. We headed to a local state park, too-little-for-sitters third wheel in tow. We enjoyed perfect weather and a lovely mellow hike. Our chaperone stayed cheerful as long as we a) didn’t put her in her carrier, and b) stopped to feed her often instead of hiking. There are worse things than relaxing by a lake on a breezy fall day while the baby eats and the adults talk.


2 thoughts on “Birthday Hike

    • Thanks! One of the things we were talking about on the hike is how having small kids really makes you savor and make the most of your free time. We dearly love our children, but they also teach you to treasure those rare moments of time with just your spouse and no home responsibilities! Also, isn’t it amazing how easy it feels caring for just one child (even one in a demanding mood) after you have several?

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