Ever go through your days composing everything as a blog post in your head but never having actual time to write? Baby #4 joined our family in early July. We are very happy but very busy as a family of six with four kids two and under. I’d love to post a birth story and write more frequently, but in the meantime the short version is:
• Baby girl, 7lb6oz, 20 inches
• 12 hour natural/drug-free labor with no complications
• Looks just like my husband from the front and my dad from the side. 10 months carrying her in my belly and the only nod she gives to my features is a gold ring around her iris. Tiny traitor.
• Sleeps well, eats well, grows well
• A bit fussy and high-maintenance when awake, but becoming easier to manage as she wakes becomes more interested in the world around her and gets better at sleeping solid chunks.
• Hates her car seat
• Loved by her parents and siblings
• Very smiley, and my first newborn to laugh in her sleep though she doesn’t yet do it when awake.
• Nicknames so far: Roo, Jim-Jam, Cranky Franky
• Blog name “Josie”


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