A Morning at the Botanical Gardens


Over the weekend we visited the local botanical gardens. We haven’t stopped in since the twins were infants. It was a nice surprise to see how perfect the gardens are for toddlers. They are thoughtfully planned with lots of “little worlds” of half an acre or so each centered around lakes, fountains, meadows, and pine forests. The adults enjoyed the beautiful landscaping and lush flowers (even if I totally failed to capture any of that in the pictures). The toddlers loved dashing between bridges, exploring pagodas, climbing on rocks, and running through viney tunnels and arbors into the next “room” of the garden.



(Yes, I really am in the third trimester and feeling very pregnant. I’m just carrying 100% straight out in front so you can’t tell from any other angle or if there’s a lanky toddler on my lap.)IMG_7533.JPG





(nomnomnom….yummy Ergo carrier)



2 thoughts on “A Morning at the Botanical Gardens

    • I know! It’s a bit ridiculous – they’ve jumped 3-4 clothing sizes since August and are now in four and five-year-old sized clothes at age two. Thank goodness we’re heading into summer. It’s much harder to tell if shorts and t-shirts have a so-so fit than pants hanging inches above the ankle or long-sleeve shirts that stop halfway down the forearm and won’t button. At least we’re all set handmedown-wise for the kids that follow 🙂 .

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