Recent Quotes

1) We often remind the twins to wait nicely for their food, say “more, please” and “thank you”, “help” wipe up their booster chair trays, carry their cups to the counter, and put their utensils in the sink. To the uninitiated this might sound like we have decent civilized standards for our toddlers. Let’s shoo that illusion away; at least three times after meals this week I told them to “Please pick up the food on the floor under your chair and either put it in the trash or eat it.”


2) I turned around to see Annie peacefully sitting on the floor trying to page through a favorite book, and Jack doing his best to annoy her by body-slamming her, flailing, bumping into her, and generally interfering:

Me: “Jack, are you being kind to Annie?”

Jack: *pausing to evaluate the situation* “Uh oh.”


3) We took a family trip to the local botanical gardens on Saturday. At one point Annie stopped to admire a cactus then turned to me with her standard squawk that means “what is this?”

Me: “That’s a cactus.”

Annie: *pausing to process, then repeating* “…radish

At least she knows her veggie names.


4)  “I said ‘no sweets’, I didn’t say anything about gluttony.” – The Man, prepping a post-church second breakfast for himself toward the end of Lent.


5) “Dzzzzzzzzj….aaooo!…oooo!….gchhhhhhh” – The Baby. We’ll check back in for more intelligent commentary from her in a year or two.


6) “………………………………………………………….” – The Littlest Baby. There’s not much one can say while immersed in amniotic fluid.


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