Now Arriving: Spring

Spring in this part of the South is stunningly beautiful. It feels like everything blooms here. Though the days still fluctuate between frigidity and t-shirt weather, for a few weeks walks really have a fairlyland quality. Gorgeous Dogwoods, Almonds, Crabapples, Bradford Pears, Forsythia, Tulips and Daffodils flower abundantly in every direction. Despite the southern Spring’s visual drama my husband and I both feel that the season has a bit less impact here than it does up North. There’s nothing like four or six months of hypothermia and blizzards to prime you for gleeful hysteria at the first warm moist breeze, crocuses pushing through the snow, or fragile green buds on bare trees.

We’re getting outside as much as possible to enjoy the pleasant weather. Some days we just play in the backyard or let the twins ride their bikes on the driveway. Other days we walk in the neighborhood or take the kids to a park.







We try to hike every Sunday after church year ’round unless it’s pouring rain. It’s fun to watch the incremental seasonal changes week to week as we walk the same local trails.



We’re also spending lots of time on the screened porch. It’s a handy place to let the kids be outdoors but contained if the adults need to focus on something else. It’s also nice if it’s rainy or I just can’t face another day’s mud-covered laundry. As the weather warms up we try to eat family dinner on the porch whenever possible. Lately I’ve also tried to be more conscious about making each chore as pleasant as possible. While some jobs only take a minute or two, if I’m preparing to do something longer it makes sense to make the task as pleasurable as possible. Why do laundry inside when it’s lovely out and the porch table is clean and ready for folding? Why not listen to something interesting while doing the dishes and making the baby’s bottles for the day? Parenting and running a home are never-ending jobs. It helps me enjoy both so much more when I try to bring pleasure into each activity versus wishing for a break to relax.

IMG_7406 IMG_7413

Normally we’d be hard at work getting the vegetable garden underway. With much regret we’ve decided to skip it this year. I’ll be sorry to forego the fresh and frugal produce right from our yard, but with pregnancy tiredness now and a new baby arriving at the start of summer it made sense to take a break for a year. My Mom helpfully cleared out the plot and took down the ramshackle fencing. The plan is to pick up a bunch of flower seeds and let them take over the veggie space for the summer.


3 thoughts on “Now Arriving: Spring

  1. Wow, it looks like beautiful weather. We have just had our first really cold and wet couple of days of Autumn and it is amazing how quickly you acclimatise to sweaters and long pants. But short sleeves do sound nice.

    The children look so happy and settled. You are doing a great job! What a wonderful idea to go hiking each Sunday. You are really making Sunday a proper sabbath.

    • Those first chilly weather days with crisp cold mornings that need a sweater are such a pleasure! I admit I did a double-take when I first saw your Easter post, wondering at first why you’d made Easter clothes out of corduroy and thinking how hot that would be. Then I realized, oh! of course! Southern Hemisphere! Fall heading into winter! I’m so used to Easter being the start of spring and summer when my mother got my new dress for the warm months that it took a minute to process :).

      We’ve had a hard time figuring out a restful sabbath with little ones, but it’s gradually taken shape. My attitude used to be that it was an extra day to get all the to-dos done, but we all benefit so much from a true day off work (well, as much as possible with small people around 🙂 ). Perhaps a post of its own…

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