Cooking Notes – April 2015

Main Dishes/Sides

Middle Eastern Baked Chickpeas with Pita Chips and Yogurt  Smitten Kitchen has never failed us yet. This dish was delicious even though we didn’t have any pine nuts on hand and had to skip the tahini this time. I went a bit mild on the spice for my husband’s sake, but we both agreed we wouldn’t have minded more seasoning in the chick peas. Overall, though, a wonderful, filling, quick and easy medley of flavors and textures. The toddlers loved everything too. We will definitely make this one again. We used Pita bread from the store this time, but I highly recommend this very easy recipe for tasty Pitas – so much better than the grocery store stuff!

Zuppa Toscana A quick, tasty soup that stretched a little bit of meat a long way and used up a bunch of kale sitting in the fridge. I upped the garlic a bit, added red pepper flakes, and held off on the dairy (in our case milk with a splash of cream) until the end so it wouldn’t curdle while simmering. I can’t say if it really mimics the Olive Garden original. I grew up around Chicago where Olive Garden just can’t compare to all the readily available real Italian food. Maybe we made one visit sometime in junior high?

Hungarian Goulash over Mashed Potatoes My mother froze up several meals of her fabulous goulash last time she visited. All I had to do was boil potatoes and mash them up with butter, salt, pepper and a little splash of cream. The perfect easy meal for a hospital call night when we were running low on groceries. The twins love it. The baby got a lick (her first non-rice cereal solid) and looked appalled. Can’t please everybody.


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