Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real


At two, this beauty already has the most luscious magnificent head of hair. I’m a bit jealous every time I finish her weekly styling. I can count the number of times I’ve had a fancy updo on one hand. All were formal affairs like weddings or an Army ball. Each required industrial quantities of bobby pins and hair spray and gave me a crippling migraine for the rest of the day. It all started to fall apart within hours anyhow. This kid, meanwhile, looks like the Queen of the State on any given day. IMG_6841.JPG






As it’s “Facebook Official”, I’ll share it here as well: we’re expecting our fourth child and nearing the end of the first trimester. We vacillate between joy and terror as I mentally recount heads every ten minutes and realize “Yes, yes, we really WILL have FOUR CHILDREN TWO AND UNDER SWEETMERCYWE’REALLGOINGTODIEISN’TTHATGREAT.”

But really, it will be fine. Look at the beatific multi-tasking calm going on around here! Thankfully the Man is a very competent father and husband, as I’ve been spending large chunks of each day collapsed on the couch watching our various children tear down the house around our ears. Three children two and under really is very doable until you throw in a heaping dose of morning sickness. At that point it turns into more of an “adorable inmates running the asylum” sort of scenario.



Annie thought the baby could use a few toys… Luckily the baby is a “roll with the punches”(/the blocks thrown at your head) kind of a kid.



Normally “Real” would be a picture of what’s not going well around here…laundry backpiling or kids in states of collapse. But as I searched through my pictures I realized “real” also means that family life goes on even when you’re busy and sick and tired. We’re in the midst of the beauty of Advent with the baby smiling at everyone and everything in sight, carols, Christmas decorations, St. Nicholas Day, and two toddlers who crack us up every hour.









Well, okay, and maybe a little screaming too…


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12 thoughts on “Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

    • Thank you! We’ve always wanted a big family, though admittedly we never expected to start off with such a large herd of babies!

      It has been so much fun learning to properly care for black hair. It’s come as a surprise, as I was never into hair or makeup and was quite nervous about learning to care for hair with such complex needs. However, it’s felt more like learning a new craft or skill like knitting or sculpture than a beauty routine. I’m in awe of the things Annie’s hair can do and the shapes it can hold – such an unexpected delight to learn!

  1. Congratulations! That is so exciting. Your family grows more beautiful each year.

    We have a baby due on June 10 next year, and I am 15 weeks so you can’t be far behind that. Hope you are keeping well and managing to get your feet up occasionally (laughter here….because that really doesn’t work when you have other toddlers/preschoolers)!

    Keeping you in our prayers


    • Oh congratulations! What a wonderful long-awaited gift and answer to prayer! We’re about 12 weeks along. I am trying to lean back and rest a bit – mostly when feeding the current infant since there’s only so much else you can do when holding a baby with one hand and a bottle with the other. I hope you’re managing to get a bit of rest with your busy crew, too.

    • Thanks, me too! I’ve developed an odd aversion to hot chocolate (previously my life’s blood, even in July). Christmas without cocoa is just…bizarre. Picturing the one room schoolhouse cracks me up – we already get “are you a daycare” comments with just the three.

    • Thanks! So many little ones together can be a bit crazy, but I love picturing the fun this gang will have together in a few years. Picturing putting all of them through college simultaneously, slightly less fun. Get lots of scholarships, kids!

  2. You do such a fantastic job on Annie’s hair! I am so impressed. And I love your sense of humor about the impending four under age two “situation.” Hoping it will be an easy(ish) pregnancy for you!

    • Thanks! The real trick is getting a toddler to sit still for three hours! We tend to alternate basic looks and more complicated styles like this so that we teach her to sit in a styling chair for long periods (since it will be necessary for her hair for the rest of her life) but don’t try her patience too much.

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