Tender Loving Care, Jurassic Version

The new baby awakened Jack’s nurturing instincts. Now that they’re up and running, she’s not the only recipient. Today he walked up to me tenderly cuddling his T Rex and giving it gentle kisses. When he caught my eye, he insisted I give the dinosaur a smooch as well.

A bit later, I set my hairbrush down after braiding my hair, then turned around to see him carefully brushing Rex’s scales.


After his spa treatment, a morning of play, and a run to the bank, Dino joined Jack at lunch.


Tyrannosaurus Rex seemed to enjoy the roasted butternut squash and crackers Jack forked into his jaws, but he’d probably have been happier if someone had shared their chicken, too.

Lunch over, Jack sweetly snuggled his dinosaur against his shoulder just like we hold the baby for burping, then unceremoniously flung him on the floor. Toddler love is a fickle thing.


2 thoughts on “Tender Loving Care, Jurassic Version

  1. Fickle indeed. But so cute when they are lavishing that love. Tom Kitten’s lovey is “Bun Bun” a grey rabbit that is now looking rather worse for wear – he goes everywhere with him, but is just as likely to be thrown as cuddled.

    • It is so sweet, especially from our rough and tumble, always-on-the-move little man. Annie has a bear she adores, but I didn’t expect Jack to fall in love with something so hard and toothy!

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