First Parade

A couple of weeks ago the Man was working a seven day stretch of call. When on call he leaves before the kids are awake and comes home after they’re in bed every day. Somewhere toward the end of a week alone with little children, sanity starts to slip. In hopes of regaining it (or because I’d already lost it) I packed up the kids and took them to our town ‘s international festival for their first parade.


The twins viewed most of the parade with polite indifference. Annie sobbed whenever the crowd clapped or cheered (…often), but the flags, music, and dancers were a hit.


After a couple years as an interracial family we’re used to gawkers. They don’t bother me anymore. With twins in the stroller and a baby strapped to my chest I certainly got almost as many stares as the parade, though!

After the parade the twins and I shared tasty Indian food from the festival booths. By far their favorite treats from the festival were free sunglasses from an insurance rep, though. Stylish, no?




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