Explaining the recent blog silence….

Born in early May at 26 weeks gestation weighing just 1 Lb 10.8 oz or 1 Lb 13 oz (roughly 790 grams, but medical records disagree on the exact weight). Placed on a ventilator immediately after birth and rushed by helicopter from small regional hospital to major state medical center.

Spent almost three months in the NICU with no name and without visits from parents or friends.

Introduced to very-surprised-not-expecting-to-adopt-anytime-soon-not-even-signed-with-any-adoption-agencies-wait-we-only-adopted-twins-20-months-ago couple on July 30th:


Adopted on August 6th. Couple slightly shocked to find themselves with three children. Blink and try to remember where the new baby appeared from.

Released from the hospital on August 17th after 97 days in the NICU. Finally free of breathing assistance, feeding tubes, IVs, and monitors.

Home for six weeks. We are all in love. Baby Girl is delightfully chubby, sweet-natured, and doing well thanks to a large team of medical professionals coordinating her care.


[Not surprisingly, three children under two will keep a household very busy and a blog very quiet. Bear with me, please.] 


14 thoughts on “Explaining the recent blog silence….

    • Thanks! I was nervous, but after the first week it felt like she’s always been a part of our household. Funny how babies are like that.

  1. Wonderful wonderful wonderful!!! And yeah, I cried when I read this post. Hormones. But also so so WONDERFUL!!! Congratulations to you all, thank you for being so incredibly open and willing to help, and God bless you! Prayers 🙂 Hopefully things are a little easier this time around with just *one* newborn!

    • Thanks! And yes, one is SO much easier after twins. Once the twins had a routine after the first month and were sleeping reasonably at night I really felt that twins weren’t that big a deal and couldn’t understand why everyone made such a fuss. Now that I’m caring for just one infant? I get it. ONE BABY IS SO MUCH EASIER. Of course,the twins were pretty demanding and also pretty upset from the adoption transition at two months while this kid is the world’s most easy-going baby, so that throws off all comparisons.

      • she got the “third baby” memo. the 3rd baby after twins memo no less. she knows its a moral requirement to be mello 😉

        also, with big bro and sis, there is so much to WATCH :-p

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