Two Roads Diverged…

The Man spent the weekend in Chicago with his family. I stayed back with the kids to give him distraction-free quality time. Both kids were sick over the weekend. The Man works hard and I’m genuinely glad he got in a visit and some well-deserved rest, but by the end of his trip I was going a bit stir crazy from indoor time and endless nose wiping. He was tired from his flight, but because he is also a rock star he willingly agreed to pack up the kids and head to our friends’ farm for homemade ice cream and a wander past the pastures.

photo (4)

This picture perfectly captures our children’s very different approaches to livestock. Annie charges for the animals and tries to hurl herself through the fence. On her first visit to the farm this Spring she tried to pick Hamlet the pig’s nose. Meanwhile, Jack hides behind the closest adult and frantically scrambles up their back to safety if animals get too close. When asked, he will poke a head around the adult’s shoulder and mumble the correct animal noise, then retreat behind his fortifications again.

He’s much more open-minded about the ice cream. Jack sporadically used the word “please” by winter’s end, but fresh ice cream at the farm taught him to use it consistently.


“How do you ask nicely?”

“Peez….Peez. Peez! PeezPeezPeezPeeeeeeeze!”

After we got home the Man prepped dinner, helped with baths, spot-cleaned the kitchen floor, tidied the whole downstairs, and did the dishes. I love him and I missed him.



4 thoughts on “Two Roads Diverged…

  1. What a sweet post! Yes, at first I thought, “What a meanie!” regarding the Man’s remarks while on his vacation – even if the kids were NOT sick! But by the end of the post, you have me thinking, “What a kind man!” again… especially after the fatigue of travel.

    • Ha, funny timing. I’d literally just signed in, re-read the post, and thought “huh, someone could really misinterpret the way I’ve written his comments here because they couldn’t hear his tone (and me asking “so, what’ve you been doing”) so I’m going to delete them.” Deleted them, hit update, and then your comment popped up :). He is pretty awesome. You can start to take for granted everything your spouse does at home, especially if they work full time and you’re home with the kids all the time. All I need is a TDY or vacation with him gone and I realize just how much he gets done around here every evening (which is great timing because it’s right when I hit the wall of exhaustion.

  2. Sounds like you made the best of the weekend. Always good to have them home again though! I always realise how valuable that half of evening play is with Daddy, when he is away and I still have dishes etc to do once the children are in bed.

    • Absolutely. I was up until midnight one night cleaning up the last of the messes and doing the dishes (partly due to my own procrastination, it’s true). One of my favorite things is when he pops the kids in the stroller for a run or walk and I can mop the kitchen floor in peace. It sounds funny, but it’s such a luxury to put on some nice music or a podcast and scrub that floor spotlessly clean without interruptions!

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