Family in the Woods


A week after enjoying our anniversary hike we headed back into the woods, this time close to home and with the niños. The State recently began developing a new State Park in our area. The trails they’ve blazed so far run through old farmland mixed with pine forests and a cypress-studded lake. It’s less wild and dramatic than a typical State Park, but that’s not a bad thing with toddlers. We can actually push our jogging stroller on the old farm roads instead of carrying the kids with our pair of injured backs; the first year of twins has not been kind to our spines. Midway through our hike we stopped by the lake to enjoy the views and let the kids throw sticks, wallow in the mud, and chew on leaves. Despite gray skies and sniffly colds all round (thus the zombie expression on Annie’s face) everyone enjoyed the mid-winter outing.

IMG_4090Jack wore long socks to keep his legs warm because we couldn’t find one of his fleece winter booties. They crack me up because he looks like a faun in them. I also enjoy the way snow-suited babies look like tubby little penguins with their mittens/flippers.





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