A Bit of Winter

We celebrated our fifth anniversary last month by hiring a sitter and heading out for a long baby-free hike at a nearby State Park. We love taking the kids on the trail with us, and pop the twins into hiking backpacks on a regular basis. Still, 30 extra pounds of toddler and pack will definitely slow your pace and limit your range. It was fun to move fast and head deep into the woods again.

Like most of North America we’ve had an unusually cold and snowy winter this year (though nothing compared to our northern childhoods). Hiking with a bit of snow on the ground was an ideal treat, topped off by a stop at our favorite hole-in-the-wall Mexican place for perfect steak tacos with onions and lime. A very good anniversary!




Snow crop





3 thoughts on “A Bit of Winter

  1. It sounds terrible, but I love taking the kids hiking with us because I have so much less stamina than my husband, and that way I don’t feel bad for sticking to easy trails 😛 I’m glad you guys got to do some child-free hiking!

    • Ha! Too funny. It always shocks me how easy things feel on the rare occasions we go somewhere without the kids. You mean, we just get out of the car, lock it, and walk away? But where is the stroller? The baby unbuckling and rebuckling? The diaper bag and water bottles and blanket tucking and shoe finding? I guess that’s one reason I enjoyed a hike without the twins – I felt so light without the usual baby on my hip that I could’ve flown up those hills!

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