Fall Photo Fail

Last week I plopped a few pumpkins in the front yard. I was hoping to get a cute fall photo of the babies for their birthparents. Instead, this:

Girl: “Umm…what?”

Boy: *skeptical*


Girl: “Forget this, I’m outta here.”

Boy: “Can’t come, I’m busy licking the pumpkin over and over again.”


Girl: “Hurry up! There are 1271 dead leaves waiting to be eaten!”


Boy: “Oh boy! Dead leaves! Dead leaves! Wait for me!”


Mom: “Hey Sweet Potato! Did you leave something behind? Say, your pants, perhaps?”


Girl: “Crawling out of one’s pants is just another hazard we intrepid explorers must face. It shall not stop me!”


Girl: “At last! The dead leaves! NomNomNomNom…”


Boy and Girl: “…..NomNomNomNomNom….”


Mom: “Weeellll…this has been fun. Naptime!”

Someday they’ll be big enough to pose with pumpkins and play outside “properly”. For now? We just sit in the sunshine and eat dead stuff.


3 thoughts on “Fall Photo Fail

  1. Hi Sarah, thanks for your lovely comments over on my blog. You have the most gorgeous babies! It is near impossible to get every single child smiling for a photo, especially when they are this age and especially with twins at this age – these shots are beautiful! Mel x

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