Snapshots from Fall


The Man worked overnight at the hospital for a few days last week, than came home to sleep during the day. One year olds aren’t very conducive to a quiet house so I took them to the library to play for a bit. When I look at photos like this there’s no denying that our babies are starting to look more like toddlers.


The kids love walks, and we get out for one most days. It’s a lot more enjoyable now that the weather has cooled off. The twins outgrew this stroller by the end of the month, and are now in their big kid double stroller. Since we got their infant Snap n’ Go stroller (pictured above) in new condition for $40 off Craigslist, I faced sticker shock buying a new one. “I’m sorry, Ma’am, you said how much? There must be a mistake – I’m trying to buy a stroller, not a used car or a pony or a third world country?”


7 thoughts on “Snapshots from Fall

  1. I was just thinking they look SO old in that first picture! The hair ties especially – my goodness how adorable!

    You can usually find really nice double strollers on Craigslist for $200-$300. It’s still ridiculous compared to $40, but a high-end double jogger is $600-$700 new so the markdown buying used is definitely worth it!

    • Yah, I was bald until I was almost two, so I associate hair that needs to be done with two or three year olds.

      I stalked Craigslist and local trading sites for months with no luck and was so disappointed. I think because our town is mainly military/lower-income and the surrounding area in all directions is rural people tend to buy the cheapest double strollers so that’s what’s available on Craigslist. There were a lot of nicer double strollers selling used in the nearest big city, but it’s hard to make a three hour round trip with babies in tow only to find it’s not in great condition or won’t work. Very frustrating to a cheapskate like me who usually buys used :).

  2. ohmigosh the top picture! SOGROWN!! little miSS and her pigtails is almost ready for college! ❤ luckily, the little guy still looks babyish. whew lol

    oooh oooh! so what double did you go with?

      • Ha, that’s how I’m consoling myself, reminding myself it’s an investment. We use ours daily (wore the last one into the ground in a year), take lots of long walks, and it’s very sturdy so hopefully it’ll last through filling up a 15 passenger van with kids :). We ended up with the Mountain Buggy Duet because of how narrow it is, and because it was the only double stroller I found that combined jogging, narrowness, a good shopping basket, works with our current infant seats (so I don’t have to spend an extra $100 when the next comes along), and good trail wheels for hiking all in one stroller (well, you know, the only one below the crazy $1000 price bracket stuff). They’re pricey, but I got $100 off for buying last year’s model + free shipping, and didn’t have to buy a separate stroller for jogging/trails so it wasn’t quite as horrific as it could be. So far it’s been great – so narrow it even fits through French doors, great on hikes, really well-balanced, and a big enough basket that I can do minor shopping or library trips easily.

        I went to drop a load of donations at the Salvation Army thrift store this week with the stroller in the back of the car. The clerk was so excited because she thought I was leaving it as a donation. OVER MY DEAD BODY LADY! My wallet would jump out of my pocket and strangle me.

  3. ha! yea, those kinds of things don’t get donated lol they get used until they fall to bits! 🙂

    looks like a great stroller! i agree, good baskets on doubles are hard to come by, esp when you factor in your jogging/hiking needs. so the seats come off and you could do two infant seats?

    you know, in case another set of twins comes along 😉

    although, depending on how soon another finds his or her way into your family, you might need one of those cool “third seat jumper” things that fit onto the front, so all three could fit in the stroller!
    (like this )

    Mine was a smidge less than yours ( i wasn’t looking for a jogger/hiking capable one tho and i think thats what tips the price over into “crazy land”) but i justified it the same. I’m like i’m using this until i have grandchildren. Its like a KitchenAid Mixer – pricey but an investment 😉

    also, TOTALLY agree on craigslist – you can only find high quality gear around major cities – DC, LA, philly, etc, b/c in places like fayetteville people aren’t bugaboo/baby jogger capable, ya know?

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