Please tell me he’s not the only one…


Our son’s favorite hobby: frantically licking all the floor-level air vents, then puking down them. Is this the human male version of marking one’s territory?


3 thoughts on “Please tell me he’s not the only one…

  1. Beats puking on the rugs and pillows, don’t you think? So much more washable if slightly less accessible…Sponge on a stick maybe for cleanup?

  2. This made me laugh REALLY hard – I don’t know why my puker hasn’t discovered this possibility yet! Mostly she pukes on the hardwood floors and then plays with it, so I suppose if she puked into the vent she would lose the opportunity 😛

  3. I’m sure he’s just trying to save you the clean up. What a gentleman!
    Really, I never knew how thankful I am that we had radiators when we had a puker. But now we have vents, so while you’ve given me retrospective gratitude, there’s new future fears too!)

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