Mohawk Boy

People often ask us how we style Jack’s hair. The answer is we don’t. He’s just naturally cool:


If British Punk Rockers wore spaceship sleepers our Mohawk Baby would fit right in. Not as big an “if” as one might think – I bet they’d wear them, then declare it an ironic commentary on age-ist social norms.

His hair wasn’t always like this. When we brought him home at two months his receding hairline made him look like a miniaturized old man:


As new hair replaced his fine infant hair it grew all in one place, in one little tuft centered over his forehead:


For months, we kept expecting him to get more hair, and he did…it just all kept growing into that same little curly tuft  over his forehead. Around six months he finally started getting more hair: tightly curled low-lying fuzz spread slowly back in a straight line from his forehead until he had a perfect mohawk.


(Look at the girth of that boy!)

Eventually it started growing in on the sides. Well…make that one side. At this point, our son sports the oddest 2/3 head of hair I’ve ever seen. His two-inch tuft of curls still stands straight up from his forehead. He has a thick low-lying Mohawk, a four-inch horizontal bald spot just behind the crown of his head, reasonably growths of hair on the left and back sides of his head, and near baldness on the right side of his head. I don’t know what’s next, but it’s quite a show. In the meantime we might be having more fun with it than we should. He’s getting a buzz cut when he turns one, so it’s now or never:


“What do you mean ‘Did I lose a teething ring.’ And why are you smirking like that, Mom?”


“I mean it. Cut it out with the smirking and the references to soft-serve ice cream cones.”


“…still not funny, Dad. Just what exactly are you implying?”

If any punk rock bands are looking for members, Froggy Pajama Boy is here to help. His talents include loud drumming and heavy metal-style screaming. He’s also good at playing with the fringe on carpets.


Day 3 of the “7 Posts in 7 Days” challenge hosted by Jen at Conversion Diary.


4 thoughts on “Mohawk Boy

  1. sarah, how do you handle how adorable these two are?! i mean really, THOSECHEEKS. poor little bubs, teasing him about the hair 😉

    also, both their lips – so pouty and kissable! its funny, i think they look more alike now then when they were smaller. they’re getting more “twiny” all the time :-p

    • They are starting to look a bit more alike – mostly I think it’s because “Jack” is slimming down a bit, while Annie is filling out from her original sharper pixie-like features. And mostly, we handle the adorableness by smothering them in kisses.

  2. Why the twins have grown up so much! The tuft of hair is too cute. As an aside, I love the baby picture of Jack sucking his thumb – it looks so awkward and yet he looks so content. Tom Kitten still sucks his index finger – just like he was in all his scans!

    • Aw, so sweet that he sucked his finger in-utero! Both twins are big thumb suckers – I know we might have to worry about teeth straightening down the line, but it’s very handy when they can’t lose their built-in pacifiers. We actually cheered out loud when Jack first found his thumb after a month at home.

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