Catching Up: April and May

Despite the complete lack of posts, the routine of daily life has gone on mostly as normal since I last really wrote months ago. Between the regular days of baby naps, meals, chores, reading, errands, and walks we’ve had a couple of bouts of sickness, some very busy work weeks, numerous daytrips, and a few longer trips as well.

Back in April, we drove up the East Coast to attend a family gathering in New York. Since it was our first overnight with the kids we took it in stages, stopping in for a half hour visit with friends near Washington DC, visiting the town Carl lived in during his high school years, and enjoying a dinner with his best friend from high school. The babies were quite good on their first road trip aside from the very. very. looooooong. hour. we spent stuck in construction traffic and unable to exit the highway in DC right at feeding time. We finally arriving in Manhattan and spent three days with great grandparents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins from across the country and around the world. As you can see, the babies enjoyed living it up as swanky city slickers:


Shortly after that, Carl’s twin sisters came down for a visit. While we mostly took it easy baking, taking walks, playing games, and watching movies, they also went kayaking with Carl and we all stopped at our friends’ farm for homemade ice cream:


We took a daytrip to visit friends at their family’s beach house a couple of weeks later. No pictures, since they all contain Carl and I. I’m debating dropping my personal policy against posting clear photos of the two of us. Complete anonymity is nice, but it does leave baby pictures and nature pictures as the only two options… We also enjoyed the spring weather with picnics at a nearby state park, hiking, and walks:





…as well as feeding the kids out in our backyard whenever weekend weather permitted:


In May we drove up to the “Big City” for the day so the twins’ birthmother could visit with them. She ended up getting called in to work at the last minute. Since we’d already made the long drive up we made lemonade out of lemons with a picnic at a beautiful park we’d never visited. Raindrops began to fall just as we finished our meal, so we spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the state history museum downtown near the State Capitol.



In May Carl flew up to Canada – first to Toronto and then on to Ottawa – for his uncle’s memorial service and to visit with his mother. We can’t take the twins out of the country until after their adoption is finalized and the state releases their new birth certificates (a painfully slow bureaucratic process) so the babies and I made the most of our forced stay in the US by driving to visit my grandparents and a few other relatives in South Carolina. The trip there was painless. The way back was enlivened by a “shortcut” that stretched the drive out an extra two hours, both babies screaming their little lungs out during a stop to feed them at McDonalds, a crowd of five concerned women converging to see if I needed help (strangers can be so lovely sometimes…), a woman cornering me at the same McDonalds to lecture me on the importance of breastfeeding (some strangers are less lovely…the adoption aspect of our family is fairly obvious), and me having to sing myself hoarse for the last hour and a half to keep my sick-of-her-carseat daughter calm. The trip itself was wonderful though. The babies got to know their great grandparents, my grandparents and I explored their old hometowns in Eastern Europe via Google Earth, I swam in the lake, cousins and my Uncle came for dinner, and we all went out on the lake on my grandparents’ boat. It was worth it just to see my porky babies squeezed into life jackets:





Those cute little moccasins were handmade for the babies by my grandparents’ friend.

That brings us up to date through the end of May, and completes day two of Conversion Diary’s “7 Posts in 7 Days” challenge. Off to feed hungry babies.


2 thoughts on “Catching Up: April and May

    • Re: the lifejacket, I know! I’m kind of bummed he’s starting to slim out and lose the enormous cheeks. They were like playdoh.

      The good news about the breastfeeding comment is that, after the frustration of the moment (my kids are screaming bloody murder and you think now is a good time?) it became a really hilarious memory. I fully believe breastmilk is the best option and have only encountered the nicest, most encouraging, considerate breastfeeding advocates before now (not to mention all the awesome milk donors to the twins!) so I was oddly kinda psyched to finally get to meet one of the true rabid, stranger-cornering lactivists you hear about online. I was starting to think they were an internet myth 😛

      I’m loving following your updates from your new/old life on the West Coast!

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