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Out on a walk in her first snow. It was a meager half-inch, but this winter-missing, born-and-raised Chicagoan will take it. Below is a more typical picture of winter here in the South:


*Image credit to Dave Granlund, Metrowest Daily News




Someone was unimpressed by her mother’s finger-over-the-lens photography skills:




You probably know that you’re not supposed to use Pyrex glass pans under the broiler. I did. Then we moved here, and had to leave our old metal broiler pan behind in Texas. One day we were in the countdown hour to dinner and I realized dinner required broiling. Just that once, I tentatively slid a glass Pyrex 13×9 under the broiler. It was fine. Nothing happened. Between one thing and another I kept reverting to a glass dish for the next two and a half years. Until last week, when I pulled a lovely Filipino-style marinated london broil out of the oven, set it on the counter, and the glass pan exploded:


When I say the pan exploded, I’m not exagerating – in a split second it disintegrated with a deafening bang, sending screaming hot shards of glass shrapnel spinning throughout the kitchen. It is a small miracle that nobody was hurt – only minutes before I’d moved the fussy-from-immunizations babies from the kitchen (where they usually watch me make dinner) to the next room for a nap. Because it was cold I had on jeans, thick socks, a long-sleeved shirt and leather moccasins, plus a spare old shirt of my husband’s that I wear as a smock when feeding our spit-uppy son. No glass made it through the clothing layers for burns or cuts. But basically? When your glass pan says “don’t use under a broiler”, don’t use it under a broiler.

After a quick rinse and pat dry to remove any glass splinters, the London Broil was delicious though :).

Also REAL:

Someone was outraged! Outraged! that his mother had attempted to give him rice cereal for the first time. We have another 20 equally blurry, equally irritated photos of him giving his opinion on this new form of baby torture. Normally I’d be with the “wait until they’re bigger” for solids crowd, but in this case his doctor hopes that something a little more solid will help him keep food down.



15 thoughts on “{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}

  1. Oh dear. Too bad about the pan:) I love those moments of “I know I really shouldn’t do this but nothing bad has ever happened before”! And, always, but always disaster strikes when one has become complacent about the inherent risks:)

    Re; the baby food, have you tried sweetening it a little say with pear or prune juice. My kids have liked it that way, and it also prevents constipation which has been a problem for both children when we started them off on the iron-fortified cereals.

    Also, just had a thought re the reflux. My cousin had a baby (now 5!) who had bad reflux, though not the vomit kind, the burn the throat kind and they found chiropractic treatment proved Taj with some relief.

    P.S. Love the tongue poking out!

    • :Ha! Exactly – it’s only when I’ve become complacent and no longer worry about the risks that everything (quite literaly, sometimes) falls to pieces. Pear or prune juice is a good idea. I’d heard of other babies having the same issue with iron-fortified cereals.

  2. OK your sweet little one are so cute! So glad they were out of the kitchen when the pan exploded. THAT must have been terrifying! So glad everyone is OK.

    • Yes – my husband couldn’t figure out why I was so wide-eyed and jittery when he walked in the door from work two minutes later…

  3. Such lovely and funny facial expressions (even the “outraged” one)! Good to know no one was hurt in your kitchen episode. I hope all is still well with your oven and kitchen. Take care…

    • Kids do make the funniest faces. Of course, by the time I’ve grabbed the camera they’ve usually moved on to something else.

    • We’re gradually coaxing him into it. At first he rejected both spoon and bottle versions. We finally got him to take formula thickened with a little cereal first thing in the morning when he was really hungry. After a day of increasingly thickened formulas, he at last deigned to accept about a tablespoon worth of cereal by spoon without spitting it out last night. Progress! Of course, he prefers to stick his thumb in his mouth between spoonfuls and make motorboat sounds spreading cereal across the kitchen. Good thing it was bath night…

  4. Are they six months already? Gosh time flies!

    but it doesn’t have to be cereal! try something else for first foods 🙂 that rice stuff is nutrionally void and tastes like cardboard, i don’t blame the poor guy 🙂 iron shouldn’t be an issue b/c its already in the formula, no?

    avocado, banana, roasted sweet potato, etc. try something yummier 🙂 and let him do it? my boys HATED being spoon fed (as in they wouldn’t let me) – so i just said forget and gave them stuff to do themselves 🙂

    helpful info here:

    • They just turned five months (though technically closer to four given they were born early). We’re planning on (mostly) going the homemade/baby-led route once he shows an interest in foods, but right now neither of the babies is at the “ooh, what’s that you’re having Mom, can I grab it and taste it?” stage. This early start and the choice of rice cereal was because of his severe spit-up issues and rice cereal’s starch properties vs. any nutritional stuff. His spit-up continued to get worse after Christmas no matter what we did (small feedings, bottle angle, upright feedings, elevated mattress, frequent burps, 30 minutes upright, switching formulas, heating bottles, lactose free, medication, younameitwetryit). With 30-35 large spit ups a day (i.e., most of every bottle no matter how small the feeding) he lost the small amount of weight he’d gained, ending up at the same weight he was two months ago. He was hungry and fussy and dropping off the growth charts despite his deceptively chubby cheeks. Now that he’s past four months his doctor suggested trying rice cereal because it’s still gentle on little babies and the starch helps to give a little extra thickness to help things stay down until his stomach sphincter matures. To be honest, I didn’t expect it to help because nothing else has but with gentle reintroductions of the spoon each day (giving him time to get used to it), as well as a little cereal in a bottle with a fast-flow tip and formula just to introduce a different texture in a familiar setting he’s getting the hang of it. It’s finally something that helps him keep things down and we’re shocked at the huge difference. He’s spitting up half as much and is so ridiculously happy and physical and awake now that he’s finally able to keep his formula down – we’ve been laughing because it’s seriously like we woke up to a brand new son. So – chalk up one success for rice cereal despite its other blah properties? As soon as he’s big enough/interested we’ll move on to “real” foods,

      • Oh no, I didn’t realize that the spitting up had starting affecting weight! Poor little bubs!! 😦 No, absolutely, everything you siad makes total sense! Gosh who knew there were so many different things to even try for that! SOrry, Sarah, I hope that didn’t sound like I was being all mama-judgey or anything – i just assumed it was first food time. Not sure what the doc said, but you might try non-iron cereal since his tummy is so sensitive b/c the iron they use in fortified stuff is notoriously hard on the belly? Not even sure if they make that kind, but I’m just glad for you guys that its helping!

        Also, adding to the mama arsenal on reflux – cereal weighs down the milk! lol

        Does that mean little miss still isn’t eating yet? Lol she just watches the show, I’m sure!

  5. Good point to look for non-iron cereal. I wonder if they make it – we’ll have to take a look round.

    Our girl still isn’t eating since she’s not much of a spit-upper. She did look so interested the other day when I was feeding Silas that I put a little dab of cereal on her tongue for her to taste. She just sat there with her tongue sticking out, topped by a little dollop of cereal, with a “please help me” look. I wish I’d taken a video of it for her daddy to see when he got home.

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