Odd Twin Comments, Part 3

Friendly man at church looks from our brown babies in their carriers, to my white husband, and back to the brown babies:

“I didn’t realize Sarah was pregnant.”

For Parts 1 and 2 go here and here


2 thoughts on “Odd Twin Comments, Part 3

    • Ha – this gentleman wasn’t being racist (thankfully we haven’t run into any of that) just very absent-minded. He’s a very sweet older bachelor – somehow it didn’t occur to him that 1) it’d have been pretty obvious if I was pregnant (let alone pregnant with twins!) since we see each other every week, and 2) even if I’d been pregnant, I couldn’t have produced 3 month olds in the course of one week! Poor man – babies are really not his thing. He looks so nervous every time he walks by the church nursery!

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