{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}

For more {Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} entries please visit Like Mother, Like Daughter. And also, please forgive the lack of proofreading. One baby or the other keeps howling for attention whenever I get the first photo loaded. Slapdash beats nothing?


With Advent and Christmas over and post-baby “crisis mode” receding we’ve been doing a bit of inexpensive sprucing in our living room and hall, mostly using things we had with a few new touches. I am a hesitant shopper – it takes me years of craigslisting, occasional store visits, and online research to find just the right thing, and then I always have a hard time deciding where to put it. These days the hardest task is finding a good time to hang paintings and pictures – when the babies are awake, they take both my hands, and when they’re asleep it’s a bad idea to start hammering nails into the wall. In the end though, it’s very satisfying looking at a still full wallet and knowing that patience turns up things that are just right for you and your home and your budget. After several years of hunting for the right price/look combination I found this dresser at a local store (the kind that’s really a thrift store but has aspirations of grandeur and claims to be an antique store). Here it is, still at the store. We love the unique shape, the beautiful birds-eye maple, and the nice low price we paid after a little bargaining.


I also had this sketch my grandmother drew as a teenager re-matted. That’s a great way to save money, by the way, if you have a framing project but don’t have time to do it all yourself. With my own frame and glass, Hobby Lobby charged $11 to custom cut a new mat, remount the art, clean up the glass/frame, and put it all back together again. I’m so glad this picture made its way to me after 50 years in various parts of the family tree!

January 16 phone download 086

Among several other mini projects we also hung this painting/mirror combination by the back door. I found it secondhand for a few dollars a year ago, but couldn’t decide where to put it. Can anybody tell me what sort of bird that is?

January 16 phone download 089


The babies got to meet another one of their grandparents last week. On wakeful non-cranky days they often join us at the table for meals – fun for everyone:






This is what happens when it’s bedtime and you’ve spit-up on all the boy and neutral sleepers in the house and you have a twin sister. My poor son – cupcakes and flowers and pink – it’s a trifecta of humiliation:

January 16 phone download 015


10 thoughts on “{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}

    • Haha I know. That’s one thing I love about having a better phone now – it’s easier to capture the little moments as they happen, vs. never having my camera when I want it. Funnily enough, that sleeper is the same as the one you gave us but a couple of sizes smaller and ridiculously fuzzy – so fuzzy the babies practically double in width when we put it on them. I guess that model comes in normal (what you gave us) and “shag carpeting” versions?

  1. This has nothing to do with PFHR, but I can’t find an email address for you on your blog. I read your comment on Clover Lane asking for book suggestions featuring African American kids and I wanted to recommend the book “Please, Baby, Please” by Spike and Tonya Lee. Happy reading!

    • Thank you Lydia! By rhe way, we have two of your bird paintings from Etsy (the bookmark “scientific” style ones showing multiple birds and their names). My husband and I love them and are planning on framing them. As you can see from the post, it takes us a while to get pictures up on the wall :-).

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