Dream Babies

Two nights ago Carl’s shouting jerked me upright from a deep sleep.

“Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! WHOA! WHOOAA!” My husband was running across our bedroom, grabbing at the floor. I yelled, stopping him inches from the wall. He turned around, slowly waking up as he climbed back into bed.

“What was that all about?”

“I don’t know…some sort of mound…or…thing…was scuttling off with our children. I was trying to grab them. Just confirm for me – where are the kids?”

“Asleep in their crib.”


This isn’t the first time I’ve written about our mutual sleepwalking-sleeptalking tendencies. Now, though, it’s not Rick Santorum’s baby that’s missing, it’s ours. A few nights a week, someone dreams that we’ve lost a baby in our bed. One moment our kid is there, the next it’s not. We wake up patting frantically at an empty pillowcase or tugging at the sheet, looking for an infant who was never in our bed in the first place. I know we’re not the only ones – my brother had the same dream when his firstborn arrived. At least things have improved since our first week with the twins; one night we each woke at least half a dozen times looking for lost babies.When not bleary-eyed and irritated at the sleep interruption, I find it fascinating that different humans have the same dream and such a strong urge to protect our kids.

At least sometimes the dream-baby is in our bed but not lost. Last night I laughed in my sleep, waking Carl.

“What’s so funny?”

“She just made a cute face.”

“You do realize she’s asleep in her crib in the other room?”

“……..details, schmeetails.”


4 thoughts on “Dream Babies

  1. I saw your question on Clover Lane. Do you have the Corduroy books? Lisa buys Corduroy in the first book and she appears in two others. Sweet AA girl!

    • Thanks Molly – that’s a great idea! We had the first Corduroy book when I was growing up, but I completely forgot about Lisa. It’s impossible not to love Corduroy.

  2. I am SO enjoying your posts as I’m reading along here and seeing the double blessings the Lord has given to you and your husband!! Will keep reading for the whole story. But this post had me laughing out loud – truly an LOL moment! Congratulations on your precious babies!!

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