Why yes that was our delicate little daughter belching like a tiny frat boy during the quietest, most reverent part of the pastor’s prayer. Burping so loudly, in fact, that the musicians all the way at the front of the church heard and snickered. And yes, it’s true, she was also the one snoring throughout the sermon. And yes, that might have been our son gleefully chatting up his father until he had to be taken out to the lobby, where he vomited all over daddy’s pants despite the burp rag and blanket in the way.

It never ceases to amaze us that humans so tiny and cute can create so much noise and mess. We did get to hear the entire sermon for the first time since the kids came home, a definite improvement on walking the halls with a screaming baby.


2 thoughts on “Manners

  1. Quite the laugh. Anyone who has kids will relate:) I used to spend most of our church services in Toowoomba on the portico.

    Ginger used to crawl around our Toowoomba church and attempt to get into people’s handbags. As the first baby the parish had seen in at least 8 years some of the old ladies used to get quite upset when we would try to retrive her, they were more than happy to let her have a rifle through – after all she had picked ‘them’ (Ginger’s favour was in stiff competition!) May favourite though was the time she did a runner to the communion table and her hand went up to grab the communion wine. We got there just in time:)

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