Stocking the Freezer

When you’re adopting newborns, your hands are tied on most advance preparation. Because a birthmother can revoke her consent to adoption up until a week after the birth, our agency warns against stocking baby supplies, clothing, or furniture in advance. When you can’t work on the nursery or prepare in “traditional” ways, what can you do? Stock the freezer. If babies don’t come, we can still enjoy the convenient meals on busy nights. If they do come, we’ll have dinners prepped to cover several weeks after our church stops dropping suppers off. I’ve been making meals in big batches and freezing the extras. Carl usually goes through a large container of yogurt each week. Those containers (plus large cottage cheese or sour cream containers) are perfect for freezing meals; each container holds enough soup or stew for one dinner for two adults. So far we’ve got:

DINNERS (each meal is enough for two adults)

  • Curry Chicken Stew, 2 meals (I always tweak the Silver Palate recipe, but this is close)
  • Silvia’s Stew, 2 meals
  • Lasagna, 3 meals
  • Shredded pork for tacos or quesadillas, 2 meals
  • Homemade pesto, 3 meals (more to come – our basil plants are exploding)
  • Chunky meaty spaghetti sauce, 2 nights’ worth (making more today)
  • Buttermilk Biscuits, 3 meals ‘ worth of sides
  • Still to make and freeze: Ham and Mushroom Quiche, 3 meals
  • Still to make and freeze: Shredded chicken or turkey


  • Cream Scones, 2 meals (Joy of Cooking)
  • Chocolate Chip Banana Bread, 4-5 meals (Joy of Cooking)
  • Still to make and freeze: Egg and Cheese Burritos
  • Still to make and freeze: Sausage Biscuit breakfast sandwiches

I’m still planning ahead and making more as I go. Do you have any favorite meals that you think freeze beautifully? I’m all ears/eyes/potholders.





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