Coming Soon…

That big project I mentioned back in July? We were working on completing our adoption homestudy and profile. Last week a birthmother picked us to adopt her newborn twins. She is due in six weeks, expecting a little boy and a little girl. A birthmother can always change her mind, but for now we’re cautiously optimistic, very excited, and a little bit terrified.

How we got here is a long story, but the story of this summer is a simple one: chaos. Fingerprinting, FBI background checks, Sheriff’s background checks, doctors appointments, financial information in triplicate, courthouse, contracts, certified marriage license, birth certificates, letters of recommendation, child abuse checks, mad cleaning, multiple social worker visits and interviews, money transfers, collecting photos, scanning, utility bills, estimates, life stories, editing, tax forms, financial reviews, overnight mail, email, long phone calls, family descriptions, addresses, forms and forms and more forms, writer’s cramp, interviews with other adoptive families, marriage evaluation, required reading, required courses, research, talks with lawyers, long car drives… All that on top of our full-time jobs in a compressed three-week schedule due to an unexpected early opportunity.

Then, after all the rush: waiting (and paying bills). At the end of the waiting, one longed-for phone call. After that phone call? More running around like headless chickens. Our adoption agency recommends against buying many baby supplies in advance because birthmothers can change their minds. On the day you receive the babies, you’re also handed a “go bag” with basic supplies and clothes for their first week. Friends from our church are filling in the gap with loaner and hand-me-down newborn clothes, blankets, swings, and the like. We’re channeling our “nesting” into shifting furniture, talking to lawyers, and completing the pre-baby mandated classes like newborn care and Infant CPR.

Kind internet friends, will you please pray for the birthmother, the babies, and us?


4 thoughts on “Coming Soon…

  1. Goodness, that is BIG NEWS! Wonderful. We shall certainly keep you all in our prayers over the coming weeks. When you were so mysterious back in July I was thinking maybe a mission trip…certainly nothing like this.

    What a blessing they will be to your little family, and I am sure you two will be a great blessing in their lives should everything come together.

    If you want someone to ‘chat’ to who has a similar age baby, though certainly not twins (my goodness, that is huge) my email address is provincial homemaker (one word) at gmail dot com (from there I can give you my actual personal email address as I am not too comfortable putting it out on the web). When you will be up at night I will be up during the day anyway:) though at the moment given Tom Kitten’s mammoth nightly feeding sessions I will probably be up during your day as well (which brings me to the question of how on earth his weight is only at the 15th percentile:); his sister was the same though – ‘petite’ the child health nurse used to say. Actually it is probably because he barely sits still during the day or is focused enough to actually feed, everything is too exciting….but I digress) Perhaps eventually you might like to skype if you are home alone at night and the babies have a fit of wakefulness – when Mr Provincial is away is when all those night feeds and wakefulness worry me…..sometimes I get so tired I am scared of falling asleep and dropping the baby! I always think, if I could just talk to someone that would keep me awake…the world can seem a lonely place in the wee hours of the morning. I can’t imagine sleep deprivation with two waking infants.

    Well, your brilliant news has certainly made my day.

    Thinking of you.


  2. Wow, I can’t imagine what it would be like to go through that whole process and now having to wait with a bit of uncertainty. I wish all the best for you and your new family and hope things turn out the best for everyone involved.

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

    Pink Chai Style

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