Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real: Fins and Fangs Edition

I’m joining Like Mother, Like Daughter in their weekly {Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} group for the first time this week. For more entries, or to join yourself, go here.

As a midwesterner from the Great Lakes, saltwater still comes as a surprise. So do jellyfish So does looking offshore and spotting a large fin slicing across the waves. At least it was angling away from us.

We spent our weekend on the coast meandering between an old village and nearby stretches of island beach. Sunshine, sand, waves, boogie boards, books, historic homes, hiking, and lots of good food made for a perfect two days. Our toothy/tentacled friends kept their distance and we returned home whole and happy. On the drive back we hiked at a state park on a lake. It’s a densely-wooded area full of canals and ponds, which are, in turn, full of alligators. We didn’t hug them either.



The Man heading up the trail, happy to escape into the woods after 10 straight days at work.

I loved this old, butter-yellow bungalow with white trim. Such a crisp cheerful paint combination.


Plan: good. Execution: poor. A Black Racer at the lake holding perfectly still and playing the “If I can’t see you, you can’t see me game.”  The State Park was full of amphibians and reptiles – not just snakes and gators, but salamanders, turtles, and thousands of tiny toads.


The old village burying ground, with graves dating back to colonial times. You forget how short life was for the early settlers.


2 thoughts on “Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real: Fins and Fangs Edition

    • As long as they’re not venomous I don’t mind getting close, but we certainly weren’t about to pick it up. Black racers are known for all sorts of bitey, musk-spraying, ill-mannered behavior when handled. Nothing says “succesful vacation” like coming home tooth-mark free :-).

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