Found While Looking Around


  • This list of the 44 Most Common Cooking Mistakes is a great compilation of common cooking errors. I’ve seen a lot of them before, but this summary gives good explanations of the “why” of errors, and how to avoid the problem in future. Even my been-feeding-households-for-thirty-five-years Mom found new ideas in here. Next time I make blueberry muffins I’m dusting the berries in flour.
  • A Fortnight for Freedom is a 14 day period of prayer, education, and action leading up to Independence Day, focused on religious freedom. I’m excited, and also curious to see if there’s anything organized locally. Love that it’s tied to Thomas More, too, since I just finished reading A Man for All Seasons.
  • How do you connect Europe, Africa, North America, and South America? A dozen or so really really really long wires through the ocean. This article on running fiber-optic cables across the Atlantic is full of interesting tidbits I’d never thought of: Ships plotting cable routes around underwater mountains, the trade-off between longer routes and shorter shallower routes menaced by ships anchors, or just how much quicker the New York-London internet connection will be after shaving 310 miles off the cable route (5.2 milliseconds).
  • Half a dozen at-home circuit workouts, all of which are sounding pleasantly safe after twisting around my belay line while at the rock climbing gym this week. They don’t call it rope burn for nothing.
  • Military families can now get the $80 National Parks annual pass for free with a military ID.
  • Fettuccine Gazpacho Salad – we haven’t tried it, but it looks delicious and fresh, perfect for hot summer days.
  • 25 Handy Words That Simply Don’t Exist in English, in case you need a laugh today. I really do need a word for “Pena ajena (Mexican Spanish): The embarrassment you feel watching someone else’s humiliation.” You know when someone acts stupidly in a movie and you’re squirming out of your seat on their behalf?

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