Easter from Odds ‘n Ends

Here’s a quick snapshot to keep things going while we catch up from a weekend camping trip. The little nests and the brightly painted wooden eggs are the only Easter decorations we own; I love them. Our Easter table held nests and eggs, a few potted plants from around the house (those Amaryllis are from Christmas, and still going strong!), chocolate eggs from Aldi, and the ceramic bird from the kitchen window. Not shown, the gorgeous Easter bouquet of Alstroemeria from my mother-in-law; two weeks later they’re still looking fresh and beautiful and brightening the whole room!

The tablecloth is a sturdy material known as Mountain Weave or Chicago Weave, a Christmas gift from my parents. My great grandmother had stacks of these. When she died, my parents continued to use the tablecloths for years, moving the most tattered items to the picnics stash, and adding new pieces as years of wear from toddlers, kids, and teens took their toll. Now I have my own. It’s funny how family traditions evolve by accident – tablecloths from one woman, orchids from her husband. Have any unexpected traditions of your own?


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