Quick Takes

Yesterday afternoon I took a break from work to start French Dip sandwiches for dinner. Midway through preparing the ingredients I realized the recipe called for a bottle of beer. We rarely buy alcohol (I know, I know, what kind of military household are we?) so I texted my neighbor asking if she had a spare bottle.

A few minutes later the doorbell rang and her three-year old handed me a cold Dos Equis. Train them to perform crucial chores young, I say.


He also likes to pick up his father’s empty beer bottles, take a fake swig, then walk around rubbing his belly and saying “Yum, beeeerrrrr.”


(Meanwhile, my eldest brother and his fellow seminarians must vow to abstain from alcoholic drinks for the duration of their training. In substitution, he’s discovering more alcohol-spiked foods than I knew existed, which follows the letter if not the spirit of the law. The chocolate-bourbon sauce is particularly delicious.)


The beer went into the slow cooker with a hunk of beef, some broth, and a few odd seasonings. This recipe had great reviews, and the savory au jus was delicious, but the meat came out dry and stringy. I’m not normally a fan of meat cooked in crockpots because it essentially boils rather than roasting. Also, I guess you can’t substitute the “three hours on high equals 8 hours on low” slow cooker formula for roasts? Since that was a semi-fail, does anybody out there have any slow cooker hints, tips, or favorite recipes? I still prefer the oven but would love to figure out one or two good slow-cooker meals for days when we’re out and about and arrive home tired.


Later that night when I brought bread, shredded beef, and broth in to the hospital, Carl didn’t care that the meat was dry. He just cared that food had magically appeared. Males are wonderfully easy that way. Especially starving on-call males with tired faces and sticking-out-in-all-directions hair.


He finally arrived home after 9:00 pm, then spent the whole night up researching and talking with his residents on the phone as they struggled with a very ill patient. When he finally staggered to bed at 7:00 in the morning they’d saved the life of a 92-year-old woman but lost a lot of sleep. Just as he faceplanted on the mattress, the sun rose, the birds kicked up a ruckus, and the heavy artillery on post began. Poor man. He came down for bacon and eggs at 10:00, which covereth over a multitude of miseries. 


We marked our anniversary this week, also on an ICU day so the nice dinner will wait until the weekend. We’re very grateful for our marriage, though. Thankfully our wedding went better than this one.



2 thoughts on “Quick Takes

    • Thanks for the recipes! I need all the help I can get – I tried a different crock pot recipe this weekend for Burracho Beans (mexican beans pre-soaked in beer) and they were only mediocre. Those baked beans you linked to look much better!

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