Snapshots from Kenya

In 2007 I traveled with a team from Chicago to Kenya. We primarily worked with our sister church in a slum on Nairobi’s outskirts. Half the team ran a preaching conference for church leaders from the slums – essentially an intensive seminary week for men who serve but can’t afford higher education. The other half worked with the church’s HIV/AIDS program. We also took a quick overnighter to a beautiful Kenyan national park. The trip involved a lot of exhaustion, danger, and fear. Looking back through old photos, though, the primary memories are beautiful moments and amazing people.

Mt. Kilimanjaro

Singin’ and swingin’ during a Swahili church service.

“You talkin’ to me, mzungu?” Also known as “what happens when cute kids borrow your sunglasses.”

Pastors studying during the preaching conference.

A nicer neighborhood, outside the slums. You can see the smog in the air. Most people in Nairobi have lung problems and a chronic cough due to air quality from coal stoves and heavy traffic.

Dancing before lunch.


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