Quick Switch

Our home is a clean-lined Colonial built in the early 1980s…which made our front hall light fixture looked like a stylistically-stranded Victorian orphan.

It needed a change, but I couldn’t find a good replacement when we moved in. Schoolhouse Electric had nice vintage styles, but not-nice modern prices. After many hours in hardware stores and on the internet, “replace entry light” moped into timeout on the to-do list and other tasks took priority.

While Carl worked in the hospital over New Years weekend I tackled several home projects. Between putting final paint coats on the cabinets, a Salvation Army run with spare kitchenware, and yard work (yes, you can do that in January in the South) I struck out at several hardware stores looking for new cabinet hinges and handles. On the disappointed trudge back through the Lowes lighting aisle I spotted a new item in their inventory: a vintage schoolhouse-style light. Lowes and Home Depot both offer a 10% military discount, leaving me with a lovely 1920s fixture for half or a third the price of Schoolhouse Electric’s offerings.

So the hall went from this (that’s a Christmas garland poking over the stair rail on the left):

…to this:

…to this:

…to this:

Ahh, much better.

Electrical work is my favorite do-it-yourself job. It’s straightforward, it’s quick, and it provides instant gratification when you flip the circuit breaker and the new light turns on.

Have you taken on any home projects lately? Stumbled on just the item you wanted without even looking for it? Discovered that it’s really hard to photograph lights and you need to go read that part of your camera manual?


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