Recent Discoveries

Monopoly Deal

My sister-in-law highly recommended this card game, so Carl found it under the tree on Christmas morning. Unlike the Monopoly board game version, a round takes only 15 minutes. This game has just the right blend of strategy, luck, pace, and competition. We both developed addictions in short order. You don’t need to like the Monopoly board game to love this loosely connected card game, and at $6 it won’t break the bank either.

Harry Potter audiobooks

We spent a very happy Christmas week in Canada with Carl’s mother. Even though I started checking prices in late summer, plane tickets were astronomically expensive this year. We decided to make the 15-16 hour drive each way instead and loved it – most of the trip runs through beautiful hills, forests, and mountains, the weather cooperated, and we enjoyed one-on-one car time without the distraction of work, computers, or chores. We checked the first two Harry Potter books out of the library and they really made the miles fly by. Jim Dale did a brilliant job with the characters voices and frequently left us howling with laughter. These recordings are the best-done audiobooks we’ve ever listened to. I highly recommend them for your next road trip or painting project.

Mesh Back Rest

I frequently get sore on long car trips. An uncomfortable back leads to a tense neck which results in a screaming migraine within six hours. The trip’s remaining miles become pure torture. While walking through the automotive section at Walmart right before our trip I ran across these mesh back supports. At under $10 I figured there wasn’t much to lose, so I picked one up and strapped it onto my car seat. They. Are. Awesome. I didn’t get sore the entire trip, and find that it works equally well strapped onto my work chair at home. That’s especially nice for anyone who doesn’t want to invest in an expensive office chair.

[Another one everyone else probably knows about but I didn’t: Icy Hot cream. Normally I rely on heating pads for sore necks. Those aren’t an option in the car, but Icy Hot works wonders on numbing the tense area and preventing a migraine from developing. It’ll make you smell like you took a bath in Halls Cough Drops, but it’s worth it.]

Josephine Tey

You can read a quick review of Tey’s mystery The Daughter of Time in the last post’s “Must Read” section. Dorothy Sayers is the only other author I’ve read who comes even close on the complexity of her mysteries. I’m very excited to try Tey’s other books after wolfing this one down post-Christmas.

Image sources here, here, here, and here.

I haven’t been paid to review these products or received any free samples. I just think they’re great affordable products that deserve recommendation.


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