Written from a cloud of paint fumes

While Carl works at the hospital I’m spending the four day weekend turning this:

 (the original kitchen as it looked under the previous owners)

…into something more like this

I painted the walls a light gray back in September. This weekend I’m working painting the cabinets white along with some minor demolition and repairs. Coming up: oil-rubbed bronze farmhouse-style drawer pulls, glass doors on a few cupboards, new lighting, and hopefully some beadboard and a few more built-ins. The gourmet stove and granite countertops will have to wait for another house in another era, but we’re excited for the changes we can complete now.

I’ll be back after the weekend if my hands can still type after all that painting, spackling, sanding, scrubbing, drilling, and hammering.

I hope you and yours had a lovely Thanksgiving. Carl was on-call at the hospital, but the patients behaved nicely and he escaped in time to eat Thanksgiving dinner with me at our neighbors, followed by a bonfire and pie with coffee in their backyard. After letting us enjoy our evening the hospital paged Carl every hour for the first half of the night, but at least they let us celebrate first.

Photo sources here and here.


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