Weekend in the Mountains, Part 3

On our last day we stopped at a state park in the foothills. The mountains are lower and more widely spaced in that area, but the views stretched out over three states. This foothills region reminded us a lot of rural Europe – gentle hills, clustered houses, and heavily populated compared to the central mountains.

Everything at higher elevations is a wintery silver-brown:

…but down in the valleys there are still green fields and pines.

Sorry about the picture quality. I brought my nice camera, but forgot to charge it.

That wraps up the trip summary. You can see pictures from last year’s fall camping trip to another part of the mountains by clicking here.


2 thoughts on “Weekend in the Mountains, Part 3

  1. It’s always great to get away to the woods! Especially since we have to live where the Army tells us, so there’s no chance of living somewhere really rural for now.

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