Comedy at the Door

Trick-or-Treaters rang the doorbell in a steady stream last night.

The “I cannot Tell a Lie” prize goes to the girls who watched me scoop a handful of candy into each of their bags while gleefully shouting “Oh WOW! You’re the second…well…the third best house we’ve been to!”

The “Flatter Homeowners for Extra Candy” award goes to the teens who peered into the house over Carl’s shoulder and exclaimed “Look at your floors! You have such clean floors! My Mom would love how clean your floors are!”

The “Truth in Advertizing” nomination goes to our neighbor Joshua who bellowed “HI! Remember me? I’m the one who promised to take all your candy!” *obliging grin* *bag held out toward the candy bowl*

Nice try kiddo.


2 thoughts on “Comedy at the Door

  1. I love the comment about the clean floors. How funny. I wonder if she went home and told her Mum about your floors.

    It is like the little girl from next door (youngest of 3) who was over playing and commented that she “liked how quiet our house was”. And yes, Ginger was present – but was unusually quiet.

  2. The funniest thing is that the floors hadn’t been vacuumed in a week and weren’t that clean. I’m wondering if they said that at every house for extra candy?

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