A to Z of Me

I saw this over on The Provincial Homemaker and liked the idea. Feel free to pick it up and share it yourself.

A=Age; 25

B=Bed size; King. We treated ourselves to a bigger mattress after our move last year. The extra space has made all the difference in getting a good night’s rest for two easily disturbed sleepers. Also, it’s harder to steal all the covers when the blankets are that big.

C=Chore that you hate; Cleaning out the pond. Our home came with a miniature pond (about five feet long) and fountain in the back garden. The pump clogs with mud on a regular basis, at which point it’s time to clear bucket after bucket of smelly pond sediment and dead leaves from the water.

D=Dogs; None, but we’ve looked at puppies at the County animal shelter. Someday, for sure.

E=Essential start to you day; Breakfast. I get very cranky if I have to wait long to eat after waking up. It’s also our chance for quiet quality time before the day’s craziness begins.

F= Favourite colour; Right now…sage green? But it changes often.

G=Gold or silver;Both are nice. We chose gold for our wedding bands.

H= Height; 5 ft 7 in

I= Instruments you play; Piano. I miss living in a house with one, but that’s a major purchase requiring some research and planning.

J=Job title; Competitive Intelligence Analyst. Also known as “minion”.

K-Kids; None yet, but we’d love a houseful.

L=Live; The American South right now, just outside an Army post. Grits, corn bread, and fried chicken are great, but the sweet tea hasn’t grown on me.

M=Mother’s name; Mom.

N=Nickname; Lots: Bigfoot. Duke of Hazard. Mutt. Rat. Thundering Buffalo. Pipsqueak. Saga. Most of those are no longer in rotation, thank goodness.

O=Overnight hospital stays; None. Carl has lots of overnight hospital stays but he’s the one jabbing needles in people, not the one in the bed.

P=Pet peeves; People texting or talking on the phone in social settings or at meals. Ignoring rudeness or bad behaviour in kids or teens to the point of enabling it. Omnipresent noise – people playing loud music or tvs in airports, at the beach, from their yards. If I wanted music at the pool, I’d have brought some headphones. I do not want to hear yours, thankyouverymuch.

Q=Quotes from a film;  A few that are commonly used in our house

“Shelves in a closet…happy thought!” – Pride and Prejudice

“Oh phew, I thought you were dead” – Up.

“But it’s a talking dooooog.” – also Up.

“I LOVE YOU….rrrrrr ideas!” – Ratatouille

What kind of a sycophant are you?” “What kind of sycophant would you like me to be, madam?” – 101 Dalmatians (live action version)

R=Right or left-handed;Right.

S= Siblings; Two older brothers. Three siblings-in-law.

T=Time you wake up; Usually 5:00 – thank you, Army Medicine.

U=University; University of Chicago.  I loved it, especially the mandatory classics core curriculum, the house system, and the beautiful campus. I don’t miss working myself into a state of utter exhaustion every quarter though – the work load there has made every job I’ve had during or since feel very easy by comparison. Most grads I’ve talked to feel the same way. There’s a reason the school “Where Fun Comes to Die” t-shirts sell like hot cakes. And also the ones that say “U of C: Hell really does freeze over.” And the ones with a brontosaurus labeled “The University of Chicago” stomping on a prone stick figure labeled “My Soul.” But other than that it was great.

V=Vegetable I hate:  Carrots. Raw is fine, but cooked ones are torture. As a kid they made me gag. I’m past that (barely) but I certainly never voluntarily make carrots as a side.

W=What makes you run late; Oversleeping if Carl is gone for work, training, or deployment. A regular alarm clock just doesn’t work for me, even when I set multiple alarms and put one in the next room. I just shut off the things making noise and crawl back into bed in a sleepy haze.

X=X-rays you’ve had; Lots of scans, just can’t remember which were CT or MRI versus x-ray.

Y=Yummy food that you make; French food as I gradually explore Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking and similar books. Also baked goods. I  like trying new recipes, but a couple favorites that keep coming back are Raspberry Streusel Bars, Chocolate Sheet Cake, Blueberry-Lemon Streusel Muffins (the best blueberry muffin recipe!), Chocolate-Chip Banana Bread, French almond fruit tarts, and Hungarian criss-cross tarts.

Z=Zoo animals;
Giraffes are a favorite to watch. Not so much in a zoo, but out in the open in Kenya where they have space to run and pick up speed. They are incredibly graceful, and look like they’re floating when they run, barely tapping the ground. Any of the big predators like bears, alligators, tigers, or sharks are pretty fascinating too.


2 thoughts on “A to Z of Me

  1. Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself – I thought you must be a mid-80s girl. Sarah was such a popular name during the period:) – I always asked my parents why an earth they picked a name that was so popular, I was one of 5 Sarahs in my primary class of 25! They always maintained that they couldn’t have known a couple of days into the new year that Sarah would skyrocket to being the most popular name of the year.

    I enjoyed reading your pet peeves. I totally agree with the loud music complaint.

    • The popularity of Sarah was even worse at Sunday School – there are so few nice women’s names in the Bible it seemed like one in three girls my age was a Sarah. For some odd reason I rarely run into grown women my age who are named Sarah though…wonder why that is.

      My mom had loved the name since she was a little girl (she had a doll named Sarah back then) so I guess she wasn’t knowingly following a trend either.

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