Quick Fix

The kitchen looked like this four days ago.

Thanks to several up-past-midnight sessions the walls had shifted from mustard yellow to a soft gray, but the counter still gasped for air beneath painting supplies, cleaning solution, displaced kitchen items, orphaned switch plates, discarded rubber gloves, and water jugs in case the Red Cross deployed me to a hurricane-affected area without water. No worries, it looks much better now.

However, every project completed highlights another that needs attention. When blinded by the bright yellow walls I barely noticed the tiled basket of produce lurking over the oven. With the walls no longer screaming for attention, the edible backsplash stuck out like a sore thumb. So, now you see it:

Now you don’t:

Painting tile may not be a traditional solution, but I think it’s the right one for this barely used bit. A coat of tile friendly primer plus three coats of kitchen & bath semi-gloss should keep it wipeable and significantly less visible. At the very least, it allows us to try out another look before having to demolish and re-tile anything. Surprisingly, this backsplash barely receives any splatters- perhaps because the larger burners I usually use for frying are at the stove’s front?

Kitchen tasks completed so far:

  • Caulk the crown molding
  • Touch up the trim with a fresh coat of white
  • Paint the walls light gray

Still to go:

  • Remove the ancient trash compactor beside the stove and put a cabinet door over that spot as a new (concealed) home for the trash can
  • Remove the scalloped trim over the sink (visible in the first photo)
  • Buy and install new white switch plates to match the trim (the old ones were a dirty-looking tan)
  • Sand, prime, and paint the cabinets white. The old brown stain looks very worn up close, and we’d prefer the brightness white cabinets bring
  • Replace the light fixture over the sink
  • Perhaps replace the laminate floors? That decision will wait awhile yet

3 thoughts on “Quick Fix

  1. Kim looks like a woman after my own heart – address all problems with a coat of paint and see what happens :-). I’d never seen her blog before, but I spot a new addiction to brows.

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