Look what Aldi had in the sale bin:

My Great Grandfather Svend raised orchids in his own greenhouse. He died years before my birth, but his orchids lived on for decades. After Great Grandmother Elizabeth died as well, my parents carted the plants home rather than throwing them out. I don’t know if any of the original collection still survive, but orchids always grace the sunny bay window in my parents’ home.

I had to leave my orchid plant behind in San Antonio when we moved last summer, so I was delighted to spot these for $9 at Aldi – half the price of any flower vendor in our area. Unfortunately, I missed the yellowing stem on one plant and the buds and flowers all fell off in the first two days. The other three plants are strong and healthy, leaving one for the living room, one for the kitchen, and one for our bedroom.

It’s hard to think of a prettier family tradition.


Those who’ve visited our home may notice an in-progress difference in the background. The green frog tape is one hint. Here’s another.


2 thoughts on “Orchids

  1. What a great find. Enjoy them. I love the story of the orchids your family have nurtured for years. My husband is very keen on orchids -he spent most of his early childhood as an expat in Malaysia and Singapore, consequently they are really the flowers he has childhood memories of.

    Hope the painting is going well!

    • It must have been beautiful to live somewhere warm enough for orchids to grow naturally. They’re more common here as houseplants now, but growing up it was unusual to see those tropical flowers blooming in a snow-surrounded home.

      The painting is finally done after several up-past-midnight work sessions. My right shoulder may not forgive me for a month :-). Just need to reduce the post-painting chaos of cans, brushes, and displaced kitchen items now.

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