Natural disasters that go pffffffftt

It took several minutes to realize this week’s earthquake was an earthquake. It felt exactly like the artillery that routinely shakes our home, minus the usual explosions.

Shortly after the earthquake, our town began frenzied preparation for Hurricane Irene. Preparedness information gushed from the Fort, from our local military newspaper, from the town newspaper, from the Red Cross, from the National Weather Service, from marquee signs… We’re inland, but hurricanes have seriously damaged this town in the past. Like everyone else, we dutifully made sure the cars had full gas tanks, filled the tub with water, checked flashlights and candles, evaluated food stores, and filled up water jugs.

The breeze picked up Friday evening. Say what you will about hurricanes, they certainly make for gorgeous sunsets as the rays reflect off fast-blowing clouds. And then the hurricane hit. That is…I guess it did. Sort of. Ish. Or at least, we got some rain and blustery wind that peacefully lulled me to sleep. It was a real hurricane, okay? We’re survivors. I know because it left behind this horrendous damage:

….do you see it?

What? You don’t? Look closer.

Now do you see it? The wind tossed up the tip of the tablecloth I left on the porch!

The horror!

But somehow we shall rebuild from this crippling catastrophe.

Which was almost as terrifying as a picnic in the park.

Alright, enough sarcasm. The hurricane’s net result was a few twigs down in the yard and a much happier garden thanks to a thorough soaking.

Did you have any natural disasters this week? Were they as exciting as ours? *yaaawwwnnn*


Vaguely related: This year has been a consistent lesson in “good things come to those who wait.” Those blue diamond-patterned outdoor pillows caught my eye at the hardware store in April. They weren’t even a bad price at $9 apiece, but more than I felt like spending. Then last week I found them, plus a few matching blue and tan vine-covered pillows in the 50% off clearance rack. Throw in the thrift store table and chairs, an old blue and white tablecloth from Walmart, and a lantern we’ve had since my childhood and there’s a cheerful space in progress.


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