Decorating Our Room, pt.1: Low Expectations

Our master bedroom came together in fits and starts over the last year – a mattress in the summer, a used bed in the fall, a quilt this spring, some decorations on clearance, and, last week, a long bench. I’ll be posting a series of photos on that project later in the week. Today, however, is all about setting low expectations. This was my bedroom three years ago:

At the time, we knew we were heading toward marriage, though not yet engaged. While I finished my senior thesis in Chicago, Carl found me an apartment just two blocks up the hill from his own. Yes, we’re serious about not living together before marriage, something that caused my coworkers endless confusion.  I graduated in Illinois on a Saturday, and started work in Texas that Monday. Like most new grads, I didn’t have much furniture. It seemed pointless investing in new items since we expected to be married within the year.

Carl loaned me an old mattress from med school. Stacked crates made a bookcase, a garage sale chair held a lamp from my dorm days, and its cousin sat wistfully in the corner waiting for repair. My parents let me steal the comforter and pillows from my childhood bedroom.  I’m not sure “Cozy Spartan” was a decorating term before, but it is one now. Really, it was quite pleasant with the honey-colored wood flooring and large windows. However, one night I woke to a giant cockroach parading across the pillow. Roaches are one downside to a mattress on the floor. Aching backs are another.

So, while I’m delighted with how the bedroom is developing here in our new house, some might argue my standards for “better than my first place” are pretty low. Our wedding, after nine months in this apartment, meant not just a husband but a real bed! On a frame! Without enormous insects in the linens!

Updated to add: Sorry if I’ve accidentally spammed anybody’s google reader or wordpress feed this morning. I switched to a new format and have been making adjustments.


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