Canoe Trip

We canoed down a nearby river on Saturday morning. It’s a beautiful stretch – nothing but water, lush green trees, and wildlife for hours on end. Thanks to a wide flood plain and some land preservation we didn’t spot a building, farm, or road for miles.

I’m glad alligators are very rare this far upstream. Call me a sissy, but I’d rather not tempt fate by mixing a fragile boat, shallow water, a narrow river, tasty humans, and long toothy jaws.

Pictures taken by both of us with Carl’s little point and shoot – no risking fancy cameras on the river!


2 thoughts on “Canoe Trip

  1. Sounds like a lovely trip. Glad you managed to avoid the alligators:) In Darwin there are saltwater crocodiles – apparently you have to check backyard swimming pools for them before you swim – yikes:)

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