Strawberry Jam

It’s peak strawberry season around here. They’re flying off the grocery store shelves for ninety-nine cents a pound, and pick-your-own farms are doing a roaring business. With fresh berries plentiful and cheap, I wanted to put some away for the coming year. I’ve made freezer jam before, but have never canned anything. This weekend I bit the bullet, bought an inexpensive canning pot/rack and a $3 jar lifter, obsessively reviewed the directions, and canned my first nine jars of strawberry jam. Surprisingly, the experiment did not result in any burns, explosions, poisonings, or natural disasters. Hooray!

The problem with taking pictures in our kitchen is that they remind me how I want to paint everything. Something neutral and non-blinding, please.

I used these minutely-detailed-for-the-sake-of-terrified-beginners instructions from the Pioneer Woman. There’s a recipe summary at the end of Part II for you just-the-facts ma’am experienced canners out there.

Part 1:

Part 2:


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