Meanwhile, in Afghanistan

During morning formation a few days ago, they announced that everyone in Carl’s unit had received mail. Everyone, that is, except my husband.

Me: “So I’m now officially the worst spouse in the unit?”

Him: “Oh don’t worry, they haven’t made it official yet.”

(No worries, it’s all good-natured ribbing. He got a box the week before and has three more en route. He’ll live.)


 Last week a rain storm and a dust storm hit simultaneously. This, it turns out, creates a mud storm. It sounds like a fascinating natural phenomenon as long as someone else is doing the laundry.


They have one tree on the base and it’s putting out new leaves. He walked over last week to touch it and see spring. I guess this would not be a good time to complain about how fast our lawn is growing and the gardens that already need weeding?


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