First Blooms


Our azalea bushes exploded into full and riotous bloom this week. After planting raspberry canes in the fence corner this afternoon, I clipped a few flowering sprays from the yard and brought them in with me. The framed sketch belonged to Carl’s grandmother.

These little pottery espresso cups were bought in Mexico and given to my mother by a friend. There once was a fourth, but it smashed. Mom knew I loved them, and let me keep the three survivors. They live on the narrow window sill over the kitchen sink. Whenever I’m arranging flowers I tuck the odds and ends of too-short sprigs into these tiny mugs.

Not that the kitchen really needed brightening with those glaring can’t-wait-to-paint-’em yellow walls…


One thought on “First Blooms

  1. You have azaleas blooming already?! Wow! You’ll have to see what I posted today on my blog…not exactly blooming azaleas, that’s for sure! And yes…to answer back to your comment on my blog a couple days ago…that was Durnstein. I can’t believe you recognized it!

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