Photos from last winter’s trek to Colorado finally made it onto the computer. Our camera battery failed mid-trip and we were left with a cheap disposable camera from the grocery store.

 Due to privacy concerns I haven’t posted any pictures of us in the past, but, after looking at these I’ve decided to finally make an exception. A step boldly into the open, stare you in the eye, here’s what we really look like, nice to meet you series. Are you ready? Here it comes…

Racing up to introduce myself:




Surely there’s a face in there somewhere:


Too late. Missed me:


Okay, fine, I’ll stop and look at the camera. Is that better?


Oh…never mind. Sorry.

Maybe we’ll have better luck spotting the Man?


Umm. Not exactly. Maybe a little?

Ok, fine. We have noses. And the Man has a nice jawline. But that’s all we’re admitting to: 

Looks like the keys to internet anonymity are: 1) grainy disposable camera, 2) bulky gloves blocking lens, 3) temperatures waaay below freezing, 4) blizzards.

Most of these shots were taken at an alpine meadow high up near the tree line. It’s popular with crowds of speed-demon snowmobilers for its natural race-track bowl shape. You’ll have to take it on faith that there are gorgeous, snow-capped rocky peaks in the background of every shot, smeared into anonymous gray by the snow storm. The bowl is about an hour’s switch-backy ride up a mountain through forest trails. Totally worth the frozen face.


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