Link Love – Bits and Pieces

A few links sitting in the favorites folder right now:

  • Daniel Kish rides his mountain bike through heavy traffic, cooks, and camps alone in the wilderness. He is also blind. In a potentially revolutionary advance for blind independence and mobility, Mr. Kish taught himself to “see” through echolocation. By clicking and listening for the echo, he is able to locate objects and visualize the world around him much like a bat. 
  • It turns out Daylight Savings Time actually increases energy usage rather than saving money as intended.
  • I’m thinking about building a padded bench for the foot of our bed. There are a lot of useful plans and instructions out there. Perhaps something less complicated than this, but nicer than this?
  • One of many articles out there on inappropriately adult and risqué fashions for young girls, and the reason some parents encourage it. My mother didn’t have this problem. She was too busy trying to wrestle her short-haired, camouflage-wearing tomboy into something that even faintly whispered “I’m female.” I grew out of it…mostly.
  • If (like me) you’ve never participated in the Stations of the Cross, this is a beautiful version alternating prayers, scripture readings, and meditations. Just click on to the next station at the bottom of each page.
  • Updated to add one more: I’ll never read Jane Austen the same way again. Gross…but oddly fascinating…but gross.

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