Decisions, Decisions

Last time I updated on the bathroom project it looked like this. Over the last couple weeks I took down the lights, repaired and primed the walls, and put on two coats of sage green paint. You remember what a nightmare that was to find. The list of additional updates gets longer by the day – paint the battered cabinets, install crown molding, perhaps replace the faucets – but for now a light fixture and mirror for each sink takes priority.

After many weeks digging through thrift stores and craigslist I accepted defeat and realized nobody is selling used inexpensive mirrors in matched pairs. Several more weeks scanning the internet and the aisles and I realized something else: there’s no difference between the high-end $200 mirrors and the rest. There aren’t many ways you can upgrade a basic rectangular frame with reflective glass in the middle. Last night I finally went out and picked up the four front-runners for comparison. Once I’ve chosen, three will go back to the store and I’ll buy a twin for the winner.

Each mirror cost less than $30. They are similar but vary slightly in size, material, and molding intricacy. The two on the left come from Target (the brown one would receive a coat of white paint if chosen), the next hails from Lowes, and the right side mirror is a Home Depot item. This had better take fewer tries than the paint.

Please forgive the horrible picture quality. It’s an awkwardly shaped room, the battery tanked, and I had to use the flash. It’s very cave-like in there with the light fixtures missing. You can see where they used to hang over the sinks. And no, the bathroom isn’t normally this messy – the chaos on the counter comes from painting and electrical supplies


2 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions

    • Funny you should say that – I’m leaning toward that one myself. The clean lines are nice, and the size seems right. Most of the other mirrors look much smaller on that large stretch of wall than they did in the store!

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